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Key Stage 4.

Media Studies is a 2 year course which allows students to study and analyse a range of Media texts. Students will develop key analytical skills as they deconstruct various forms of Media.

Students will look in depth at specific examples within the media; students will be taught the necessary skills and terminology to research, create and design a range of media, such as, magazine/DVD covers, video games and film scenes. 

In Media we aim to develop I.T and English skills, as well as develop presentational skills. 

The course consists of 3 pieces of course work and an exam, which will be sat in year 11.

General outline of the 2 year course:

  • Term 1: introduction to Media Studies – Outline of the 4 key concepts (Representation, Institution, media language and audience)
  • Term 2: Controlled assessment 1
  • Term 3 : Controlled assessment 2
  • Term 4: Controlled assessment 3

Topics from: radio, moving image, advertising and marketing, print, web-based media, promotion of music and gaming

  • Term 5: Preparing for set exam topic
  • Term 6: Exam preparation and practice