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In KS3 Science at Prince Bishop School, students follow a three-year course based on the new National Curriculum. Across the course there is a focus on practical investigation skills and independent learning as well as opportunities for creative problem solving and open-ended enquiry.

Students are assessed across KS3 using a combination of written assessments and practical assessments. Students will receive graded feedback after completing each topic.


Topics include “Skills in Science”, “Fireworks Science” and “Science on Stage” and give students the opportunity to build on existing skills from KS2. There is an emphasis on basic laboratory work and investigative skills that allow students to build up their knowledge and confidence in science lessons.


Topics include “Eco Science”, “Sports Science” and “Science at the Seaside” and build upon students’ learning in Year 7. There is a focus on students working independently to solve problems creatively as well as working as part of a group. Peer assessment is a key part of learning in Year 8.


Topics include “Exploring Space”, “Chemical Engineering” and “Environmental Science” and consolidate students’ skills to prepare them for learning at GCSE level in KS4. Students in Year 9 should use their knowledge and experience to complete practical investigations and produce written reports using a combination of research and experimental techniques.


In KS4 Science at Prince Bishop School students currently study for a single GCSE in Science and follow the OCR Gateway Science Syllabus. During this course students build upon the skills and experiences they acquired at KS3 with a greater focus on practical investigation, abstract thinking and independent learning. Assessment comes in the form of two terminal exams plus a piece of coursework.

The coursework module involves a set assignment. Students must research, plan and carry out an assessed practical investigation, and produce a written report that is internally moderated.

Internal assessment across KS4 involves an interim end of module test at the end of each topic, as well as a mock exam at the end of each year.

Students entering KS4 in 2016 will be studying for OCR Triple Science and will also have the opportunity to extend their learning by attending Science lessons at Middlesbrough College.


Topics include “Biology - Understanding Ourselves”, “Physics - Energy for the Home” and “Chemistry - Carbon Chemistry”.


Topics include “Biology - Understanding our Environment”, “Physics - Living for the Future” and “Chemistry - Rocks and Metals”.


Questions regarding the curriculum for Science

If you have any questions about the curriculum for Science, please contact Mr. C. Bowstead, on 01642 855010 or send an e-mail marked for the attention of Mr. C. Bowstead to: