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Prince Bishop School

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Middlesbrough Council Admissions Scheme

Prince Bishop School is a maintained, secondary special school catering for a maximum of 110 pupils with emotional, behavioural, social difficulties. As a maintained school, the admission arrangements fall within the Middlesbrough Council Admissions Scheme which applies to all schools within Middlesbrough and gives details of the admissions procedures, time table for applying for admissions and numbers.

The Local Authority Admissions Policy also provides details of the oversubscription criteria and admission numbers for the community primary and secondary schools in Middlesbrough. Full details of the Local Authority Admissions Schemes for 2015-16 and 2016-17 are available from:

Prince Bishop School Admission Arrangements

Own Admission Authority Schools also have their own policies. Prince Bishop School is outlined below and is available on request to the Admissions Officer at prince Bishop School, Saltersgill Avenue, Middlesbrough. TS4 3JS. It is also available as a PDF document: Prince Bishop School: Admissions Policy

The policy has been drawn up in agreement with Middlesbrough council to ensure that children with these complex needs are admitted to the school in a systematic, efficient manner.


The admissions authority for the school is Middlesbrough Local Authority. The school would expect that all pupils referred to them for admission would have a Statement of Special Needs or an Education, Health and Care Plan with social, emotional and mental health difficulties as their primary need. In addition to these difficulties, the child may also have other problems including:

  1. Communication difficulties
  2. Attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  3. Autism spectrum condition
  4. Attachment disorders

In exceptional circumstances, students who do not have a statement or an EHCP may be admitted for temporary assessment placements. If this is the case the school will produce a report at the end of the first complete half-term in which the child attends the school. This report will outline the outcome of the assessments undertaken as well as the school’s view on the suitability of its provision. The Local Authority will then give consideration to whether a full education, health and care assessment is required and associated placement issues.

Applications for places will be considered from neighbouring LA’s where children are within reasonable travelling distance to the school from home. Travelling time is a factor which is considered in order to minimise any additional difficulties which lengthy travelling time may present to the child and the school.


Children can only be admitted to the school:

  1. On transition in Year 7 from a recognised feeder primary school,
  2. Following consultation with Middlesbrough LA’s Special Educational Needs Team which studies all the documentation relating to a child prior to determining the type of provision required,

The LA will provide the school with any reports, assessments or documents relating to the child.

The school will not be expected to admit a child without receiving all relevant paperwork outlining the child’s needs.

Oversubscribed arrangements

The school is currently funded for 110 pupils although this is calculated as an average over a financial year.

Where the school is requested to take a pupil and the appropriate class group is full but there are places available within the school, the school will enter into discussion with the LEA about the admission arrangements in the individual case.