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Prince Bishop School

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What our students say about Prince Bishop School:

"I like Writers' Café because it is fun.  I would like to do more Writers' Café because it is refreshing and helps us focus on our work"  C,  Year 9


"I thought Macbeth was very interesting and enjoyable" C, Year 10


"It's fun to act, I enjoyed the plays and creative writing.  I'd like to write more stories and stuff"

B, Year 10


"I am looking forward to when we go to the Theatre" K, Year 10


"The lessons have been pretty flawless the whole way through" E, Year 8


"I enjoyed reading this year- there were lots of plot twists" K, Year 8


"I didn't enjoy it at the start because I thought I couldn't do it- but I learned hard things and had a laugh at the same time" D, Year 7


"My teacher is nice, funny and helpful" L, Year 7

"School is awesome" K, Year 10